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To Post Your Press Release with the Eastside Business Press Release Service:  (IT's REALLY EASY)

1) Email your press release in text (ie Word or other text file) format to EastsideBusiness(at)

Please note our Eastside Business Press Release Service is complimentary.  We will post your press release on with no charge.  Press releases are posted in the order that they are received.

Eastside Business Press Release Service Guidelines:

1) All submitted releases must have a contact, with an email address and phone number for us to confirm where the release came from.
2) Recommended length for press releases is 450-750 words.
3) Appropriate photos and graphics are advised and welcomed.
4) Press releases should have a maximum of two outgoing links, plus links to your company's social network pages.  More than two links + social networks may cause a release to be discarded without posting.
5) Press releases may be edited or refused at the discretion of Eastside Business Press Release Service.
6) Remember that you are writing to attract new customers - not turn them off.  Offer valuable content, advices, tools, tips and tricks, but do NOT over self-promote.  Nobody likes that and it will not help you or your business.
7) Once your press release is posted via the Eastside Business Press Release Service, please visit to confirm completeness and accuracy - and share via your company's social networks.

We are working for you and aim to provide the best customer service possible.  Because of sheer volume of emails and press releases received by the Eastside Business Press Release Service, we cannot always respond to emails and cannot guarantee publication (except to our advertisers).

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