Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Frontier Bank has been a great supporter of Eastside Business newspaper and that's where I'll be banking for www.BellevueBusinessJournal.com

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bellevue Arts Museum open on Mondays starting April - Mondays 1/2 price during the month. http://ping.fm/WjbQm
Support Spanish Immersion in our schools, donate auction items for Puesta del Sol auction - Fiesta del Sol. http://ping.fm/Dpzld
Good news! Mortgage Broker Rick Hubbert http://ping.fm/QOgI1 OnQ Financial is latest client excited re: www.BellevueBusinessJournal.com
Really cool-Jim Ouchi and @cmitsolutions www.cmitsolutions.com are latest client to commit to our transition to http://ping.fm/Ul4cu
Your Voice Counts - Vote for your favorite Eastside Entrepreneurs logo today! http://ping.fm/fE8OY

Sunday, March 29, 2009

More iPhone challenges-very painful and 'geniuses' have been ZERO help. It sucks to pay this much + not have a phone that works. @iPhone
Powering through the 168 emails left in my inbox from the past few days ... gotta get them done before my 2pm date ...
My plan to change to www.BellevueBusinessJournal.com was validated by long time RE Broker from Seattle - "Bellevue is too big to be ignored"
A long time print advertiser of www.EastsideBusinessJournal.com asked me to raise her rate-I graciously declined. Want to add value-not cost
Anyone going to the Seattle Green Festival today? http://ping.fm/9gec3

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Zita Gustin @zitakg is the latest member of Eastsiders on Twitter http://ping.fm/ptFPe Do you Tweet on the Eastside?
Earth Hour locally in 15 minutes - "Let There Be Dark". booting down now, but will still be mobile ...
Are you an Eastsider into cycling? You should be a member of Rich Willard's http://ping.fm/9hzFE
Many are thinking and acting GREEN today - do you know about www.EastsideGreenDrinks.org www.SeattleGreenDrinks.org ?
My friend Salvatore Lembo just let me know his daughter Brigitte is now Miss Italia USA+ will compete in Venice for Miss Italia del Mundo!!!
Seattle Green Festival this weekend - you've got to be there http://ping.fm/9gec3

Friday, March 27, 2009

Heading to DT Bellevue Safeway to say hello to Kathy Johanson of O Wines who will be there to sign bottles and talk about wine for a cause.
I'm ready for many more really great things to happen today! Bring it on! Life is great and people are even better!
When will @AlliedWaste learn that it's not cool to have their trucks in residential areas before 8 am? I've complained nicely. Anyone else?
I really dislike being waken up - and it's happened the last three days in a row ...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

@JackieNKennedy is excited to see the Easter Bunny at Bellevue Square tomorrow.

Eastside Business and The Bellevue Business Journal don't print negative news

Eastside Business and The Bellevue Business Journal don't print negative news, but other Eastside publications sure do: http://ping.fm/NGjA6
has anyone checked on the online social network at http://I HeartOneNote.com ? I know one of the developers.
Tom Masters talks about Sparkle the Designer Cat, who makes 6 figs from ads on her blog.
Tom Masters talking about blogging leading to PR nightmares - Kryptonite locks anyone? Hard to make that go away ...
Another new subscription from Kemper Development Corp for the Eastside Business Weekly e-newsletter. sign up at www.EastsideBusiness.com
At PSAMA Eastside SIG kickof - Blogging for Business http://ping.fm/uwm2y

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On the way to Bellevue Towers to set up for http://ping.fm/0rlxs party 5-8pm
Making a final shopping list for the Eastside Entrepreneurs party at Bellevue Towers tonight. Will U Be There? http://ping.fm/66kiM
Job Offered - Business Advisor, Small Business Development Centers Seattle http://ping.fm/wJWqM Pay It Forward

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

www.womeninsmallbiz.com is latest print advertiser in Eastside Business newspaper and beneficiary of new social networking add in value. U2?
Thank you to www.BellevueTowers.com for hosting the Eastside Entrepreneurs party tomorrow http://ping.fm/jgXyP
Thanks to Fernando Nardone and Nardone Wines www.NardoneWines.com for donating a case of wine for party tommorow http://ping.fm/jgXyP
Thanks to the Discovered Network team of Janita Maestas and Jesse Nelson for donating a case of wine for party tom http://ping.fm/jgXyP
I'm not sure what to think. Someone I know just invited me to an AD/ADHD online social network. Someone trying to label me? Or themselves?
The Spot Off Main-newest advertiser in Eastside Business newspaper. They have the longest happy hour in Bellevue www.TheSpotOffMain.com
have you ever been to Lopez Island or stayed at the Lopez Island resort? http://ping.fm/tEepu
Bellevue-based GA Creative @gacreative working on branding for The Kidney Research Institute. http://ping.fm/reKHR

Monday, March 23, 2009

My friend from BHS, Laura, who I haven't seen in years has a side business selling sterling silver jewelry. www.mysilpada.com/laura.staples
Seth Godin Marketing Guru Action Figure Available at Archie McPhee’s http://ping.fm/6k0J7
Who is going to the Twitter conference in Mountainview? http://ping.fm/856Hd @parnassusgroup

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Subaru Owners Beware of Max Breymaier - He will rip you off! (Mountlake Terrace)

If you are looking to have your Subaru repaired - beware of a guy name Max Breymaier who lives at 23004 46th Ave W in Mountlake Terrace. maxbreymaier@hotmail.com He'll quote you a decent price, but apparently does not know how to fix cars. He claims to be a Subaru expert, but he was supposed to replace my transmission and over three tows and two months later (and a lot more money than I was quoted) - it still does not drive. He refuses to properly fix this and now is making threats to me for wanting my money back. BTW - he is unlicensed, unreliable and uninsured. I would not want my worst enemy having to deal with this guy. BEWARE.